Last updated 7th June 2021

  • Buying or Selling Apollon Shares - Stockbrokers that trade AQSE

    If you would like to buy or sell Apollon Formularies plc securities on AQSE you will need to contact a broker who will execute the order with a market maker on your behalf.

  • AQSE Exchange Regulatory Status

    AQSE is a Recognised Investment Exchange under the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. AQSE Exchange is a Recognised Exchange under S1005 (1) (b) Income Tax Act 2007

  • Apollon Formularies plc‘s shares trade on London’s AQSE Exchange under the symbol “APOL”

    For a description of the business, please visit About Us

  • Ordinary Share Structure

    For the details of the number of securities in issue, the number of shares in public hands, the number of securities held as treasury shares, list of shareholders holding

  • Issued and Fully Paid Share Capital

    Number 748,376,677 Ordinary Shares of 0.01p each

  • Securities held in Public Hands

    The percentage of securities held in public hands is 35.25%

  • Shareholders Holding more than 5% of the issued Share Capital
    Shareholders Number of Ordinary Shares % of Ordinary Shares
    Roderick Mcillree 211,666,666 28.28%
    Apollon Formularies Inc (Dr Stephen Barnhill) 182,859,400 24.44%

    Both of these shareholders are under a 12 month lock in.

  • Shareholder Documents
    Apollon Admission Document