Apollon’s Timeline of Global Accomplishments

  • Corporate milestones
  • Intellectual achievements
  • Awards & accolades
  1. Apollon Formularies created by Dr. Stephen Barnhill and his family in order to help cancer patients globally with medical cannabis as it helped his mother who suffered with pancreatic cancer.
  2. Completes Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis for best strains to treat cancer and other conditions.
  3. Invited to present artificial intelligence cannabis strain results at the medical school at The University of the West Indies.
  4. Expands operations to Jamaica.
  5. Wins 1st place at the Jamaican International HighTimes Cannabis Cup for best Indica strain used to treat cancer patients.
  6. Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of the West Indies to perform fundamental, academic and medical patient research and allowed production and sales of medical cannabis for cancer patients.
  7. Apollon Negril Facility opens for cancer patients using Apollon medical cannabis.
  8. Apollon Receives Cannabis Licence Authority (CLA) Conditional Approval for cultivation, processing, research and development for manufacturing medical cannabis products and treating cancer patients.
  9. Approved by CLA for full licence for Research and Development (Experimental).
  10. Approved by CLA for full licences for Retail (Theraputic) and Processing (Tier 2).
  11. Establishes Pharmaceutical Processing Labratory.
  12. Wins prestigious Jack Herer Cup 1st place for best medical cannabis oil (solvent). Same Apollon oil used to treat cancer patients.
  13. Apollon Negril Facility wins 1st in the world for medical cannabis health and wellness resort selected by Edibles magazine.
  14. Apollon medical proprietary cannabis treatment formulations tested by 3rd party independent laboratory testing at BIOENSIS with results expected in early 2021.
  15. Expands to Europe and becomes one of the first publicly listed medical cannabis companies on the Aquis exchange in London licenced to have high THC prescription medical products (AQUS:APOL).
  16. Joint testing by BIOENSIS has revealed combined formulations with Aion Therapeutics Inc. are effective in killing HER2+ breast cancer cells grown in 3D cell culture via three separate mechanisms: direct cell cytotoxicity, immune stimulated T-cell cytotoxicity, and macrophage induced phagocytosis. HER2-positive constitutes approximately 20% of all breast cancers.
  17. Opens the Apollon International Cancer Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), in Jamaica with medical cannabis treatments available by physician prescription.
  18. Apollon’s medical cannabis formulations were shown to be effective in killing both hormone-resistant and hormone-sensitive prostate cancer cells in 3D cell cultures in third party independent laboratory testing by BIOENSIS.

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